Back on Track Polo Wraps Review

glitterlabelsThe Back on Track polo wraps are nothing if not interesting. They are most definitely not your typical polo wraps, down to the material. Two things that gave me positive feelings toward them right away, yet have nothing to do with their functionality, were the gold glitter lettering and the cute packaging.

blackBOTsGood first impression made, I set out to try the wraps on Eli’s hind legs. I ordered the longer of the two available lengths for this purpose.

I failed to take before and after pictures with the first use, but I noticed some reduction of the minor wind puffs Eli has on his left hind after our ride on Sunday. That typically doesn’t happen with regular polo wraps, so I was determined to get before and after pictures with the second use.

I rode Eli fairly early on Monday evening, wrapped his hinds with the BoT polos, and away we went, cruising around in daylight on a week day!

windpuffIn this before picture from Monday, the lighting is wonky, but you can see a little bit of a wind puff on the outside there above his fetlock.

I rode Eli at the walk, trot, and canter, cantered over a pile of flower boxes back and forth a few times, tried to get lead changes (only missed one!) and worked over a trot fence three or four times, set at 2’6″ with trot poles and generous ground lines on either side. This is a very typical workout for us.

nowindpuffWhile the angle is not exactly the same and the lighting is different, this is Eli’s right hind after the ride. The wind puff is no more! At least for now. His hind legs were definitely warm, but not hot. This is a good result, in my opinion.

Another feature of the Back on Track polo wraps is, of course, the fabric itself.

materialThe fabric is not the typical polo wrap felt-y material. The outside of the wraps is soft, like velvety terry cloth, similar to polo wrap material but not quite the same. The inside of the wraps–the part that goes against the horse–is almost like standing bandages, smooth and slippery-feeling. I was concerned that such material would slip against itself during a ride, but that didn’t happen. The wraps stay in place throughout the ride. The fabric is somewhat stretchy, but not so stretchy that I wasn’t sure if I was pulling it too tight or not tight enough.

goodwrapThe longer length is perfect for Eli’s back legs. I can start at the top, wrap all the way down, and back up to the top. The wraps are not designated left and right, so the label is on both wraps in the same direction, meaning the label on the right hind will always be upside down. This is a minor drawback that is only cosmetic in nature, but it bugs me just that same. I have the same problem with my monogrammed polo wraps.

Ultimately, I am thus far very happy with the polo wraps and will continue to use them on a regular basis, especially for flat work and cavaletti work. I look forward to trying more Back on Track products in the future on Eli and myself. I’m even interested to try the products for dogs, too!

27 thoughts on “Back on Track Polo Wraps Review

    • I don’t think I would use these in the summer, either, although if it’s not too hot in the morning or late evening they might be okay. I just can’t imagine any kind of heat being therapeutic when it’s 98°F.


  1. The up side down thing woudl bother me as well.

    I only hear good things about BOT products. When they first came out I thought it was a little voodoo sounding, but after seeing numerous horses benefit from the pads and blankets I have to admit it seems like they work! I wish I could afford their stuff! Glad it worked for you 😀

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