Saddle Shopping is not Always a Mind-boggling Chore, Part II

My new-to-me saddle arrived safely and I was able to try it out over the weekend. But first, take a look at how dry it was. (This will be a picture-heavy post.)

thirstyObviously it had been conditioned over the years as it was still in very good shape, it just hadn’t been conditioned any time recently. I broke out the Belvoir.

hydratedAfter two coats, it was looking much more hydrated. I did a total of four coats over a few days, and it was ready for me to try on Eli by the weekend.

But just to remind you, the saddle I have been riding in for a decade and a half needs a makeover.

sadsaddletear sadpanels deservesamakeoverI’m going to keep it in storage until I have the spare change to give it some life, with a new seat, new panels, and new knee blocks. But with that much work needed, I opted to just get a new used saddle so I would have something to ride in that wasn’t falling apart.

whatisevenEli, as always, to anthropomorphize a bit, was skeptical. But also thrilled to be turned out regularly again after the rainy weather.

The no-trial gamble paid off, as the saddle set very nicely on Eli.

rightsideleftsideIt looks well-balanced, with plenty of with clearance and no glaring pressure points, with the points of the tree sitting just behind his shoulders. As far as I could tell, without wanting to stand on a step stool directly behind Eli, the panels were sitting in even contact on either side of his spine. Was the fit custom? No, of course not. But the fit was good, and I think with the Ogilvy half pad, any minor faults in fit will be mitigated.


Good fit behind right shoulder


Could do with a bit more flocking at left shoulder

Overall, I am very happy with the fit for now. I am considering having a saddle fitter come look at it later in the spring, to evaluate the fit with me in it.

setupBut with the magic of Ogilvy, I am confident Eli is comfortable in this saddle. He has felt great the two times I’ve ridden in it–very loose, forward, not looking back at all. Hopefully this week I can jump around a little, and have an over fences lesson on Saturday. I cannot remember the last time I had a lesson!

bluehorseCompletely off the topic, my phone camera went wonky for a few pictures–rose-colored glasses, anyone?


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