The Bounty of Boreal Climes …

… comes in the form of dismally cold sustained winds and sub-freezing temperatures. Cue plaintive violin music.

Longeing Eli Wednesday evening felt more like flying a kite in a hurricane. Or perhaps a Nor’easter. It was around freezing, with cold damp wind gusts. I only stayed out there for 10 or 15 minutes with him, because I didn’t want him to get too warm, or sweaty, or strain anything, etc., etc., etc. But I really want film of this horse longeing. First, he’s like, okay, trotting, lalala, and then WHOA I”M OUTSIDE PARTY TIME IN THE JUMPER RING AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH TURN DOWN FOR WHAT. He turned and reared at me more than once, trying to get me to play with him, I think. Something like, why aren’t you running around, too, cookie lady??? Let’s PLAY CHASE! And then I think to myself, I ride this rodeo clown. Jeez. At least he doesn’t buck like that under saddle. All I can do is say “whoa” a lot and try to stop him from running so hard he falls (he’s not even the first horse I’ve had that does this shit on the longe line) and reel him in before he gets too hot in such cold weather. He’d go for an hour if I let him. But I like his shoes not sprung and his tendons not torn and his joints not tweaked so 15 minutes tops is all he gets.

Thursday and Friday, nada. Didn’t even go see my horse. That makes me feel like a bad horse mom, but I have a very high confidence in the full-care place where I board him. I know he’s getting well-fed, checked on, and turned out when it’s dry enough, so I shouldn’t worry even if I do. I blame the weather, as it keeps trying to get icy and I am overly paranoid about getting stuck somewhere because of ice. I had to drive in a bad ice storm many years ago and the memory of it, and of sliding cars, and of sliding buses, and of cars and buses sliding into each other, stands out very vividly in a not pleasant sort of way to this day. No, thank you.

Today, I finally made it out to see Eli, bundled in his blankets and getting a little bored. I couldn’t take him out to graze because it was still raining with sleet mixed in. Tomorrow, things start to warm up, so hopefully we’ll get back to regular riding.
I know we don’t have it as bad as most of the country, but damn I am not acclimated for this icy mess!

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  1. Angel has been super fresh because of the cold too…luckily no rearing! I think she’s angry that all the other horses are packing up and getting ready to go to Florida while she has to stay in Connecticut.

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  2. I laughed out loud at this! We’re stuck with awful weather too, poor ponies haven’t gotten any play time ’cause the footing is so bad. Fingers crossed it thaws soon and we can all get back on!


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