New Things for Eli

All is quiet on the riding front. I took Eli on a very interesting and muddy walk around the property on Saturday. Mostly, a walk. Sometimes, a spook, and maybe once a squeal/twist/headshake thing. But mostly we walked. The problem with rain in winter is that the air is colder and therefore holds less water, so water cannot evaporate away as quickly as when it’s 95F and sunny. Dear Science, please break the rules about evaporation rates and stuff, so I can jump my pony! I seriously have no idea when I will be able to ride Eli at more than just a sloshy walk again.

BUT, all is not lost. Eli has made out like a bandit after Christmas. His uncles, by way of gift cards, got him a new halter, new REAL sheepskin halter fleeces, and a Back on Track monogrammed saddle pad. So he has that to look forward to, even if he misses me riding him, which I think actually he might be okay with not being ridden, strangely enough. Haha.


His mane kind of inspires me to dye my hair black again …

The dressage ring is “all-weather,” but not when the weather is dark and stormy, which it was until Saturday morning. I took Eli on a long hand walk and grazing session Sunday, because the wind was quite gusty. Being in the tack just seemed like a bad idea, since Eli hasn’t really worked since last Monday.


My neighborhood after some of the rain.

This week’s forecast looks okay even if cold, until the weekend, when rain shows up again.


This spillway/drainage area is usually almost completely dry.

So, yeah, like I said, not a whole lot going on, riding-wise. Although, I have caught some of the GM Horsemastership Clinic. My favorite thing he said was that the horse is a mirror of the rider. He threw an “unfortunately” in there because he is a very snarky man, but I think that is very debatable. I think it’s more fortunate than not, at least for some horses and some riders. But ultimately, if your horse is being what you think of as rotten, and you’ve ruled out any health issues, take a good hard long look at what you’re doing while you’re in the tack.

18 thoughts on “New Things for Eli

  1. Completely agree that a horse is a mirror of a rider. I like that, and I’m okay with knowing that Simon will display both my good points and bad. Hopefully I can work to bring him more good than bad!

    Also, this weather can go @#$#$ itself.

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    • Yes, I think he was thinking fortunately for the horse, but unfortunately for riders who don’t do their homework. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. I truly admire George Morris for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is his ability in turns of deliciously disparaging phrases.


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