2015 Preview

I don’t typically make new year’s resolutions, and whether or not I make and meet goals is not a high priority for me.

Even so, there are a few things in the equestrian aspect of my life that must happen in 2015: horse show more than just once, and a new (to me) saddle. What horse shows I’ll attend and which saddle I’ll end up with are not totally clear to me as of this moment. I’ve got my eye on a few used saddles right now, and I know that when I do show, it will be in the local circuit jumpers. Beyond all that, who knows? And even the above things are not set in stone. Such is life with horses.

And how did 2015 start? Wet. And cold.

lakeridingWhen the first ride of 2015 will be, who is to say? Fortunately the dressage ring adjacent to the jumping ring has different, “all-weather” footing, so that might be rideable within a day. Maybe.

soselfieHand-walking is so fun. Really. I’m tempted to tack up and walk Eli all over the property even if it’s muddy. He’s not exactly a reliable trail horse, though. It could be fine, or it could end with a crazy pon-pon running around breaking reins and tearing tendons and a rider covered in grass and mud. But that’s what makes riding so fun–the gamble! Okay, really, realistically we’ll just being doing a lot of walk/trot in the dressage ring for a few days.

Except that it is still raining today!


10 thoughts on “2015 Preview

  1. Happy new year, and not to brag, but the rain let up here again and I can ride tomorrow 🙂 It’s been 1.5 weeks since my last ride.
    I hope 2015 brings consistent riding and rain only when we have other non-horse plans!


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