Let it … ice … ?

Snow isn’t really a thing in Central Texas. Winter precipitation shuts down everything here, probably because it is so rare and everyone is like, wha …??? But it is in the forecast, as a send off to 2014 and a dreary welcome to 2015. Yuck.

nightwatchIf the weather were less traumatic-looking, my New Year’s Eve plans would involve some night riding. Eli handles the shadows and arena lights well, but gives serious side-eye to the darkness around the ring. I really think the cold is much more of a factor in his squirrely behavior than the dark. Thankfully, he works out of it after a few laps at the trot. Last night, he stayed focused well and I took him through a few straight-forward exercises to get his slowness off the ground back. He’d been getting a little rushed before jumps the past few times we jumped, and I am not amenable to that. The last oxer he jumped, he jumped perfectly. Funny thing is, the whole time, I kept thinking, why do I feel so loose up here? I need to get my leg under control. What is going on with my leg??

Upon dismounting, I discovered I had not zipped my tall boots up all the way. Uh, yeah, that’s going to make you feel unstable for sure. Whoops.

rainwatchReflecting upon 2014, I had a pretty damn good year. I bought Eli, showed for the first time in about 7 years, and got promoted at work in a big way. My dog is cuddly and cute, my horse is athletic, I have good benefits at work, and my glass is filled with champagne whenever I feel like celebrating something. I want for nothing, and I feel extraordinarily lucky to be able to say that, and ready to gang-tackle 2015 with Eli and Conrad!


12 thoughts on “Let it … ice … ?

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  1. It was -36 where I live with the windchill last night…bbrrrr. I love your daschund sooo much, one day I will have one of my own. I used to do dog agility and there was a cheeky daschund named Timothy in my class 🙂


  2. woo hoo – sounds like an awesome year!! somehow i missed that you bought Eli – thought he was leased? (but then again my memory is kinda terrible, thus blogging lol). anyways – congrats and i’d say that deserves another glass of bubbly 🙂


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