Love && Horses Blog Hop: that ONE thing…

blog-hop-logoLove && Horses asks … If you could choose to do ONE THING on horseback, both in general and on your own horse in particular, what would you do?  What is your FAVORITE thing to do on your horse?

I love to jump, but if I could only do ONE thing … it would be wandering around at the walk. I love walking all over the property where I board Eli. We get into plenty of trouble just doing that. On some horses, it might be a peaceful trail ride, but on Eli, even just walking is an adventure. Just trying to figure out what the hell he is looking at entertains me quite a bit. I try to stay pretty disciplined about much of what Eli and I do under saddle, so a break from that relieves stress for me, and hopefully does Eli some good. It might seem boring, but just aimlessly wandering at the walk is definitely my favorite thing to do!

On a completely unrelated topic, here is a little Transformation Tuesday for you, Conrad edition:
The top is a few months after I got him, March 2011. The bottom is from a few months ago. He went from about 9 pounds to about 16 pounds over the course of a few years. Such a relief to see a shelter dog healthy and happy!

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