The Wait is Over! Ghodho Breeches Reviewed

brandnameCurious about the breeches that are bound to be on every equestrian’s holiday gift list this year? Me too! So I bought a pair …

Ghodho breeches, as you may gather from the website, are not your conventional, traditional breeches. The breeches are edgy and have unique style details I’ve rarely-to-never seen on other breeches, like the faux croc knee patches and chevron stitching on the legs. And the models look phenomenal in them. But we’re not models. So how do they look on a real rider?

bribeLike breeches! Ghodho breeches aren’t just for stepping out on the town, they are for stepping into the irons.

The Pamela breeches especially caught my eye. First of all, they are my favorite breech color of all time, called anything from Truffle to Mushroom, and Shroom is Ghodho’s version of the color–it’s the color of wet clay, and it never ever looks dirty because dirt just blends in. Ghodho didn’t design these breeches just for fashion–they have utilitarian qualities, too, like the color, and pockets. The second aspect of the Pamela breeches I liked was the front zippered pockets. The zippers aren’t for show, unlike some high end denim I love (*ahem* Paige Edgemonts). The zippers keep actual pockets closed, so your spare change or lip gloss won’t go missing while you ride. They have functional back pockets, too, although my phone is too big to fit in either.

One coupon code from Instagram later, I ordered a pair. They arrived quickly, so I rode in them as soon as I could. As of this review, I have worn them twice to ride in.

chevronstitchingThe chevron stitching is probably my favorite detail, and all the Ghodho breeches have it. The fabric itself is very silky feeling, and it wears like a second skin. I actually thought that when I first tried them on, and then I realized the website even says that! The fabric is also a good weight, not at all flimsy–it kind of reminds me of rash guard material for surfing, maybe even thicker. The fabric also has washed well after a few washes and the breeches still look brand new.

The fit is important here. You want to read Ghodho’s sizing guide, available on the website. The guide cautions the breeches run long, and to size up from whatever breech size you wear in, say, Tailored Sportsmans. I sized up and hoped the length was workable.

ghodholengthghodholength2They do indeed run long. Really long, as you can see from the pictures above. I am 5’6″ and the breeches cover my ankles. I got a little worried about whether they would fit in my tall boots. (I’ll update this post with my inseam and the inseam of the breeches once I get a chance to measure.) Turns out I had nothing to worry about, as even with the extra length, they fit in my tall boots, and the fabric guard behind the ankle zips protected me from feeling the zipper. My tall boots zipped right up. Unfortunately, though, if you are petite in stature, these breeches may simply be too long for you. Maybe if Ghodho gets enough interest, they will come out with petite lengths?

ghodhowithtallbootsBut what about the faux croc knee patches? At first it definitely seems like another fashion detail with no real usefulness. But they are so grippy! I was astounded by how grippy the knee patches are, because I didn’t think they would be. They are grippy without being sticky, and they somewhat remind me of the same grippiness the older style Tailored Sportsman goat skin knee patches have.

fauxcrockneepatchSo as far as the riding goes, these breeches are wonderful! Every aspect of them makes me want another pair. They hold their shape very well throughout the ride, too. So well, that I had to satisfy my curiosity about their wearability outside of riding. I threw on some street clothes when I got home right after I rode …

heelsandsequinsNYE outfit taken care of! I think they look great with heels and sequins, but then I’m a heels and sequins kind of chick when I go out.

Eli couldn’t care less about how the belt and breeches go well together.

Incidentally, the belt loops are just the right size for many of the belts available at Mango Bay Design. Chevrons on chevrons, y’all!

Overall, I definitely recommend Ghodho breeches, with the one reservation about the length possibly being too long for some riders. I am already coveting another pair–Vela breeches, get in my virtual shopping cart!

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  1. You had me at “chevron stitching.” They are very classy. I tried on “breeches” at White House Black Market. They were AWFUL. I think I need to stick with the real deal. Just curious: what’s the price pont? Thanks for the informative review.


    1. The breeches retail at $125, which I think is a great price. I had a 15% off coupon code, too. I think the coupon code is good until December 19–I’ll try to find it!


  2. To be completely honest, I think they look 100x better on you then the website. You make me interested to learn more. I don’t care for the styling of the models, but I like what you’ve shown. V nice. Ty. You look great!


    1. There is a fabric guard between your ankle and the zipper, so I didn’t notice the zipper when I had my tall boots on. But my guess is that if my legs were any shorter, the zipper might hit the ankle bone and then it would be hard to ignore. I’m going to measure the inseam tonight, because I think that might help some people.


  3. I love they color, and they’re interesting, but I saw them on a chubbier person (my size) and they were NOT cute. So obviously I just need to stop eating for a while and be skinnier.


    1. If you stop eating, who is going to enable ordering of three desserts for dinner? And you won’t *really* know how they look on you until you try some on. Not that you don’t already have super cute houndstooth breeches or anything.


  4. Super cute! And I like your heels! Hopefully they will come out with a vertically challenged person version as I’m only 5’2 on a good day. ~sad panda~ I really liked the look of their navy ones!


  5. Do they have a zipper in the front? Or do you just pull them up? I’m sorry that’s a really strange question l.o.l. Also, do you think that they would be okay to wear to a competition?


    1. Hi Emma! Yes, they are zip front. As to whether they are okay for competition, it really depends on your discipline. For instance, I ride in jumpers, and I think the light beige ones are okay for the jumper ring. However, I do not think they would be appropriate for the hunter or equitation rings. But always check with your trainer and double check the rules that govern what you plan to compete in. Thanks for your question 🙂


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