Cedar Fever

I did indeed have a lesson on Saturday morning, but I was quite sick and still feel sick and cedar fever is real, people. Interestingly (to me, anyway), I had an excellent lesson. Why is it every time I get film, Eli is cantankerous, and whenever I don’t get film, he’s a saint? It probably doesn’t actually look much different, but it does feel different. And on this particular Saturday, I was so very grateful that Eli was “on” when I was sick because I think it otherwise could have been disastrous. Maybe when I’m sick, I’m less demanding and Eli is therefore more obliging? It doesn’t take much to “over-ride” Eli, so maybe I’ll try harder to remember what I always try to remember anyway, and that is to let Eli do his thing under saddle and not pick and pick and pick.

I felt slightly better Sunday, but instead of just taking Eli on a long walk like usual, I did a short but intense flat work session. Mainly, we worked on counter canter. Eli felt fantastic. Totally listening, agreeing with everything I asked. I called it a day. And since lessons and horse shopping were going on in both rings, calling it a day after a short ride was the way to go.


And now, we nap.


15 thoughts on “Cedar Fever

  1. hope you feel better soon! and my mare is the same way about being easily over-ridden – she very much appreciates it when i just leave her alone lol… i guess it’s just all about balance…


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