Weenie Wednesday: Does this sweater make me look noble?

mooseyYou may recall the moose sweater … but that is not the extent of Conrad’s wardrobe. He also has a rather roguish-yet-approachable turquoise-striped sweater …

you see me poppin’ dat hoodie-collar

turqsweater hilly nobleindeedSo noble. And yet …

I roll in deer pee just for you people

awkwardgrin reallyawkward Silly puppy likes to be naked! Clothes are only for the outsides.

6 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Does this sweater make me look noble?

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  1. Where do you get clothes that are long enough to fit him? My puppy is half dachshund and all the clothes I find are way too short in the body for him. :-/ I hate dressing dogs, but the poor thing gets so cold this time of year.


    1. Chilly Dog sweaters are really long, so they cover him all they way. And they are made of wool, not some synthetic crap–a bit more expensive, but they seem to last. I find them on Amazon all the time, sometimes at a bit of a discount. Their website is chillydogsweaters.com


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