Sunday Funday after crazy rains on Saturday



I got a very quick ride in on Saturday morning up in the field. As it was, some rain had made the arenas too sloppy for jumping, and I had already gotten soaked riding in heavy mist and light rain on Thursday night.
Literally two minutes after I got back to being under the shelter of the barn, rain started coming down heavily.
Today, of course, the weather could not have been more pleasant. So I walked my animals around and got a little vitamin D.

I clipped Eli’s pasterns in an effort to prevent any mud fever/scratches. I’ve done this with all of my horses, and it makes it so much easier, especially in the winter, to keep pasterns clean and dry, and hopefully free of scratches!

Because today is sunny, warm, and breezy, my hope is at least one of the rings will be rideable Tuesday night. All week looks to be sunny and free of freezing temperatures, and I have time off because of Thanksgiving, so I’ll get in lots of good barn time!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Funday after crazy rains on Saturday

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  1. nice clip job! isabel has had nasty scratches in the past… maybe we should consider something similar… anyways hope the weather cooperates for more riding!!


    1. Thanks! Scratches can be so hard to treat! Clipping doesn’t work in every situation, but since Eli lives in a stall and I never turn him out in mud, it’s a nice solution for us to help keep his pasterns dry. I think the fetlock hair could just as easily be beneficial as an extra layer of protection, if you can keep it clean and dry. Which is always a struggle in the winter!


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