B&BS Blog Hop: Can’t Have Just One, Brought to You by the Letter “B”

bbsbloghopAnother fun hop! Breeches & Boat Shoes asks:

What horsey things do you have that you can’t have JUST ONE of? From breeches, to bits, to bridles, I want to know what you hoard in the endless world of equestrian things.

When I thought about it, I realized all the things I can’t have just one of alliterated. With the letter “B”. Bridles, bits, belts, baby pads, breeches, bonnets, and boots (Boots for the horse; I’m good with one pair of tall boots for myself. For now.).

I have 3 bridles I use regularly. The figure 8, which is the go-to bridle for Eli, a hunter bridle I ride Eli in occasionally, and a schooling bridle that I just use the headstall for longeing.

Bits. Bits are like jewelry. Shiny, pretty, endless variety, so totally beyond just an accessory. I love my HS KK Ultra loose ring, but over the years I have collected a variety of bits. Just in case. I’ve used them all at one time or another, and it is hard to let go, although I sold a couple a few months ago. Why did I do that???

How can you not have more than one belt? No, really, how?

Half pads need baby pads to go with. Monogrammed baby pads. Many, many monogrammed baby pads.

If I only had one pair of breeches, they would wear out really, really fast. If I have many, they all last longer! That’s economically sound logic, right?

I have bonnets, but I need more bonnets. Eli likes wearing them. No, really, he does!

Horse boots: the lure … I’m a trout, and those horse boots are a shiny, flickering, tempting, tasty, darting lure. And also, my horse needs them. It would be wrong not to protect his legs and coronet bands, not to protect his tendons. Just wrong.

Also, socks. But they don’t start with “B.”

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