SFTS Blog Hop: That 1 Thing

“It’s gonna be a two-parter!” — what my older brother would say during every X-Files episode that ever aired, ever.

SFTS Blog HopFirst, I wanna know: what is the ONE piece of tack (or clothing) that you simply cannot live without? Put function aside for a moment and try to decide which piece of your tack ho collection is your favorite. It can be anything for you, or for your horse. Second, I’d like to know what you’re currently saving up for or lusting after. Basically, what item do you have your eyes set on right now? If someone handed you enough money, what would be the first thing to buy on your list? 

Two-part blog hop? About tack? I’m in, Stories from the Saddle! I answered this via another hop, but my answer has slightly changed, so here goes.

My favorite item in all of my tack? This bit:

17105The Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Aurigan Loose Ring 16mm. Eli seems quite comfortable in it. I believe the combination of the Ogilvy half pad, this bit, and a figure 8, in addition to what ultimately amounts to actual patience on my part, is what has almost completely eliminated Eli’s head-flipping under saddle. Luckily, I already had this bit on hand when I bought Eli, and it fits Eli. I’m not sure I’d want to pay for another!

I am currently saving up for a saddle. I will most likely purchase a used Delgrange, provided I can find one that fits Eli reasonably well. Maybe this one?

useddelgrangeSeriously, if this saddle is still not sold by, let’s say, February, I’m considering it to be the first one to try on my list. But I’m pretty sure it’ll sell during the holiday gift-giving season, if not before. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options, so even if not this very saddle, another one early next spring!

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