Rained Out AGAIN

At least I had no intention of showing at the show the farm is hosting, because it rained out. Again, one of the farm’s shows gets rained out. But it is rescheduled for the 10/18, and the weather looks to be perfect.gulpFriday I knew I had better jump Eli, because rain was on the way and we wouldn’t have a lesson. I didn’t feel like putting up the jumps and they were only set at like 2’3″ or so, and the lines were all really short 6-es. Or long 5s if the jumps were 3’6″, I suppose. Lines set for little kids on lesson horses, at any rate. I decided to trot in and canter out everywhere in 7s, working on Eli being straight and not drifting to the right, which he does, or to the left, which he does less but sometimes does. He only drifted to the right once, and then was straight after that. So I cantered around all the jumps, landed on all the leads correct, and called it a night!derpySaturday morning it poured, so the rings were no good, so I just hand-walked Eli and let him graze for a bit. Sunday the rings were still wet, but the fields actually had very good footing for what they are, so I rode him in the fields. Practicing 2-point on a horse that has not been turned out (no turn out in mud for Eli) while riding in an open field is maybe not the best idea, although he didn’t do anything too exciting. I skipped the no-stirrups work–it looks like a little no-stirrups every ride is a much harder goal to achieve than I thought it would be, especially when combined with 2pointober! So it’ll be a November goal, too. No Stirrups November strikes sooner than you think!bathtime

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  1. yea i tried to do ‘no stirrups every ride’ last month and failed miserably lol. still chippin away at it tho…. anyways, sounds like some productive rides given the circumstances.

    you mentioned that the footing in your ring is ‘all weather’ – do you know any more details about it? i’m trying to do some research for my BO in the hopes that we can get our ring in good enough shape to be year-round…. thanks!


    1. I can check on the footing and get back to you. Also, the horse park in Tyler, TX has totally legit all weather footing that is very very good, do I’ll see if I can find out both for you!


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