Me? A Course Designer?

On a mission today …

walk.mp4 from rennikka on Vimeo.

No, I am most definitely not a course designer. But how fun would that be? Yesterday, I learned of a new and, I find, fairly awkward arena arrangement. Jumps stay in the dressage ring in the form of a hunter course, dressage ring moves to the back 1/3 of the jumper ring, and the jumper ring is now smushed into the front 2/3 of itself. Okaaayyyyy … but then my coach asked me if I could come up with some ideas for placing jumps in the smushed jumper ring.

I already had a few courses drawn up, but they were for the entirety of the jumper ring, not 2/3 of it. (The jumps can go in any order, the numbers are just for one course of many possibilities.)course2-3 course3-5 course4So now, I’m working in almost a square, with fewer jumps. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Damned if I have to ride through short lines and miniscule turns over tiny jumps at a snail’s pace in the dressage ring, so I’m going to dream up fun jumper half-courses.course1 course2 course3I’m not quite sure about the arena dimensions, nor am I sure about just how many standards, poles, and jump cups I have to work with (at least 16 standards, but that might be it). The farm is also getting additional footing in an effort to maintain the jumping arena, which will be nice. Whatever the courses may ultimately be, they won’t be built until after this weekend because of the horse show on the property. I’m going to try to design a lot more courses with different numbers of jumps, just so that there are enough options to fit the dimensions of the arena. I’ll leave you with my personal favorite, and I really hope it fits!



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  1. Our arena is pretty small so instead of having 12ft poles we use 10ft poles and I really like having at least one end jump set up that can be jumped in either direction.


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