Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


Cookies, now?

Monster truck rally, Sunday was not. Here is video of Eli and I taking our first fan jump:

elifanjump1.mp4 from rennikka on Vimeo.

I didn’t have a usual Saturday lesson over the weekend because most of my barn went to a show. There is a show AT my barn this coming Saturday, too, so I probably won’t have a lesson again until the 18th. Okay by me, as I have plenty that I can work on independently.

bonnetdetailSunday, my mom came out to film me on Eli and take pictures. I now have 11 minutes of raw video of Eli at w/t/c & o/f. The thing most glaring to me on the video is our transition work. It is lackadaisical, at best. “Fix transitions” is now also on my list of October goals!

canteringOne more video, of us taking the fan jump first off the left lead, then off the right:

fanjumpoffbothleads.mp4 from rennikka on Vimeo.

I wont be showing this weekend, but I’ll be in the cheering section for part of the day if the service appointment for my vehicle doesn’t take too long!

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