New things over the weekend!

A tail that never stops

A tail that never stops

I maybe possibly impulse-bought Eli another bonnet, and it came on Friday, so he got to try it out Saturday and Sunday. I had one bonnet from FireFly Custom Bonnets and loved it, so I periodically would check out the Etsy store while trying to decide on the color combo for Eli’s next bonnet. Last week, there was a ready-to-ship black bonnet with silver threading and crystals. Color combo be damned, black is the new black! I bought the ready-to-ship bonnet and it fits Eli just as beautifully as his other bonnet from FireFly. The flies really can get after Eli, so the bonnets truly help keep him more comfortable.

New things didn’t stop with the bonnet! I am joining the 2-point-tober challenge, clocking in at 5 minutes, 8 seconds as my baseline time. On Saturday, I tried to time myself on my phone’s stopwatch and put it in my pocket. I have no idea how long I managed to stay at the 2-point, because when I took my phone out of my pocket after several laps around the arena at the trot, the phone had switched from stopwatch to timer, and the timer hadn’t started. Whoopsy. Well, I wasn’t going to try for more 2-pointing Saturday, so I went on about my regular flat work business, and stuck with my goal of doing some no stirrups work every day and cantered a lap without stirrups. Eli isn’t a fan of being sat on much, but I am not currently in the shape I was when I could 2-point at a canter without stirrups. I took my stirrups back after a lap and Eli was much less grumpy after that. I managed to get my phone’s stopwatch working Sunday, and timed myself then.

fanjumpThe last new thing of the weekend came Sunday in the form of a fan jump. Now, I’ve jumped fan jumps, and maybe Eli has, or maybe not, I’m not sure. What I do know, is that we had not jumped one together and fan jumps are not uncommon in the jumper ring, although on the local circuit it probably won’t come up. Fan jumps are also a good introduction to triple bars. They can be slightly spooky-looking, so I decided the first fan jump for Eli and I needed to happen at home. I built one, a very inviting one–about 2’9″ or 3′ (I am a horrible judge of fence heights and the standards I was using didn’t have the 3’6″ dots to make it easy to tell) and at the widest part it was still less than 3′ wide, and no width, of course, on the narrow side.

whyaduckOh, that is some melodramatic eq happening, right there! Eli didn’t blink an eye, AND I have FILM of it, thanks, Mom! So I’ll post that this week.

One last new thing: the weather. Fall has arrived in Texas, sort of. Sunday’s weather started off a little chilly and a lot cloudy, so I thought this would be a good day to wear my all-time favorite “winter” riding shirt, the Ariat Lowell 1/4 Zip top. I looooove this shirt. I can definitely recommend it for cooler-weather riding!

Mr. Conrad loves the cooler weather, too! Good for harassing squirrels. Constant vigilance! Conrad would try to rid the world of squirrels if I let him off leash.


14 thoughts on “New things over the weekend!

  1. nice baseline! isabel doesn’t really care to be sat on either — which kinda puts a damper on my stirrupless efforts lol. love the fan jump too and now want to try one myself!! all in all sounds like a nice week 😉


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