October Goals

Okay, I’m going to try out this “having goals” thing. It’s not something I’ve done with Eli up until this point because I wasn’t even planning on buying him, until I realized NOT buying him would be a HUGE mistake and I worried too much about what might happen to him if I didn’t buy him. So up until now, if I had any goal at all with him, it was to simply enjoy the ride. But he keeps getting better and better! So here are some goals for October:

1. Jump a 3′ course with NO CHIPS (I always manage to get one in, at least–must stop).

2. Jump a 3’3″ course with no chips (that follows, right?).

3. Accomplish a not-too-embarrassing leg yield at the trot, and get it on film.

4. Get more film of Eli, generally.

5. Ride a lap without stirrups every ride this month.

So, 5 goals seems like a good number …

13 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. yes – definitely more film!! and i’m with you on pretty much all of your goals, but wasn’t brave enough to add ‘no chipping’ to my own monthly list… but maybe it’s on the ‘goals for the 2014-2024 decade’ list??? lol good luck!


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