#MonogramMonday & 10 Questions


First, 10 Questions from L. of Viva Carlos:
1. Is your horse spooky or bombproof? Definitely not bombproof. Mildly spooky? No spinning & taking off, at least, but I can’t rule it out because he tried to jump into a small tree when he heard applause at our first show together in May, so, yeah, who am I kidding? Spooky.
2. Does your horse have a long or short stride? Long.
3. Describe your current barn in 3 words? Home-away-from-home, breezy, fun
4. If you could switch barns, would you? Nope. Not right now, anyway.
5. Favorite brand of breeches? Tailored Sportsman
6. How many blue ribbons do you have? (Red if you live in Canada or Britain) I don’t know. I don’t even know where any of my ribbons are. But I have some nice silver trays and bowls. I even have two super classy silver beer koosies. No blue ribbons with Eli, yet.
7. How many saddle pads do you own? Two half pads, a few shaped pads, about a dozen baby pads
8. Is your horse your phone background/lock screen? Lock screen
9. Do you go trail riding often? (weather permitting) Only if taking walks around the property counts, otherwise not at all.
10. Favorite horsey movie? When I was a kid, I used to watch the first part of The Black Stallion when they are stranded on the island over and over and over. I even got to meet Cass Ole, the horse that played the Black. So probably The Black Stallion is my favorite horsey movie. Does The Last Unicorn count?

And I leave you with my submission for Monogram Monday …

The rest of the weekend reviewed, and two blog hops coming up, all this week!

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