EaH Blog Hop: Keep It Clean

E@HBlogHopLogoThe latest blog hop from Equestrian at Hart is a favorite topic of mine–cleaning!

In this weeks blog hop lets talk about what cleaning products you use on your tack and why?

I might be considered a neat freak by some, OCD by others, but who cares? I like cleaning. I clean my tack every time I use it. What I’ve used to clean it has changed over the years, from using Murphy’s Oil Soap in the late 80s and early 90s, to Tattersall and Hydrophane, to a phase of using Horseman’s One Step in the late 90s, to making my own tack soap, to now. I primarily use glycerin soap and the Leather Therapy products.

tackcleaningThat is some lazy picture taking, right there. I also recently started using bit wipes–the jury is still out on those. The glycerin soap I’m currently using is from Moss, a line of aromatherapy tack cleaning products by Nunn Finer. I use the Citrus Basil scent. I’m not remotely into aromatherapy, but it does smell quite pleasant.

I like the Leather Therapy Restorer & Conditioner especially for conditioning my strap goods, primarily because it does not darken the leather, and keeps moldiness away. The Leather Therapy Wash can be used to clean sheepskin, which comes in handy, as my 5-point breastplate is padded with sheepskin on two of the points, and I occasionally still use sheepskin-lined open front boots.

Sadly, my tack soap recipe is no longer useful, as Bath & Body Works no longer offers the scented glycerin soaps I liked for the recipe. Here’s the recipe anyway, in case anyone knows of similar scented glycerin soaps that will melt in the microwave:

One or two bars of scented glycerin soap, 1/4 cup 2% or whole milk, 1/4 cup Lexol Leather Conditioner, place all in microwave-safe container, like the reusable Glad or Ziploc containers, microwave until melted (I used to do it in 30 second intervals and checked it a lot), let cool and freeze overnight.

And based on what the participants in this hop have said so far, I really need to try the Passier Lederbalsam and Higher Standards!

Sorry no InLinkz … doesn’t seem to get along with WordPress today!

12 thoughts on “EaH Blog Hop: Keep It Clean

  1. i’m all about this blog hop! curious if you throw your 5-point in the washer with the leather therapy? i read a thread on CotH suggesting that was the best way to get the elastic and sheepskin clean. i typically just brush out my sheepskin pads with a dog slicker brush, but they’re due for a cleaning, i think. and the elastic on my 5-point is just gross!


    1. Anything of mine that is leather is not going in a washing machine. Not sure why anyone would suggest that–it seems like a good way to destroy the leather. I haven’t figured out a great way to clean the elastic, other than just rinsing it under cold water. The sheepskin I spray down a little with the Leather Therapy Wash after every ride in it and rub it clean with a hand towel.


        1. That’s crazy! Although plenty of responses in the thread don’t involve the washing machine and seem totally legit. I might have to try castile soap on the elastic and baby powder on the sheepskin after cleaning it. Or maybe gold bond powder.


          1. The way I use to clean my elastic breastplate was to mix up a bucket with some Dawn and just soak the elastic parts for a bit then go at it with a scrub brush. Worked great! I also have put my full seat breeches with leather seat in the washer on delicate with leather therapy…didn’t have an issue thank goodness!


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