The Weekend, Part I.


Let’s go ride! But first, man down! Eli injured himself in turnout. As I was pulling up to the barn Friday, a trainer I don’t ride with walked up to tell me Eli stepped on himself in turnout, but nothing bad, and she washed it and put ointment on it for me. Hardly bled at all. Okay, cool. He does that sometimes.


No, this is not a serious injury, but anything on the coronet or heel is not something I can ignore. He took a pretty good chunk out of his heel, so I decided to wrap it.


Ring’s that way, cookie lady. We had a nice quiet ride Friday evening. Eli was sound, so my guess is his heel doesn’t bother him much. The evening felt very hot, but with a breeze that didn’t quite feel like a blow dryer. I kept the flat work simple.


The wrap stayed on, but clearly it bled through a little. I cleaned it up and re-wrapped it for the night. We have a show coming up in two weeks, so I will be watching Eli’s heel very closely!

12 thoughts on “The Weekend, Part I.

  1. I remember going out one morning to find my mare spectacularly lame – unable to put any weight on one of her back legs. As in, slipped stifle/torn hamstring/broken leg lame. My trainer arrived to find me nearly in tears and was equally worried until he discovered she’d somehow taken a teeny tiny chunk of her hoof out, right on the coronary band. The next day she was nearly sound and now, almost a year later, even the little hole in her hoof wall has grown out. But it sure taught me how sensitive that coronary band really is, especially considering what a tough and stoic character this mare usually is.
    Hoping Eli’s heel gets well quickly. Fingers crossed he’s sound for the show!


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