Saturday video & Sunday bath time

The following video from Saturday’s lesson is pretty shaky, so if the handheld look makes you nauseous, you might just skip watching. My coach was teaching/talking/filming/walking all at once and it’s her voice on the video. Saying things she has to say to me EVERY DANG TIME. I am seriously thinking of tattooing “FOLLOW IT” on the tops of both my wrists. I do enjoy watching my horse jump, and I definitely enjoyed seeing his ears shoot forward between fences 2 & 3 as he woke up and cruised through the rest of the course. Except for the first time over the Swedish. I didn’t make a decision soon enough so he made a last-minute one. Whoops.

Eli082314.mp4 from rennikka on Vimeo.

Sunday, Eli got a day off. And a bath!

soapyponyBath products for horses have saturated the market. A million years ago there was Orvus paste and that was about it. I have tried a few different products and it seems each of the four horses I have owned “liked” something slightly different. For Eli, I use baby shampoo mixed with a conditioner. His skin just seems kind of dry all the time, so I do what I can to keep it moisturized and not stripped of natural oils.

babyshampooAnybody have any thoughts on moisturizing shampoo for horses? Eli also likes to drink from the hose. I oblige him.

drinkingI love seeing all the pictures everyone is posting for the informal Transformations blog hop going around! 3 years ago I did not have the foresight to get pictures of me riding Eli because I had no idea I would be buying him. I wasn’t even considering myself seriously in the market for another horse right up until I bought him in May. Such is life!

20 thoughts on “Saturday video & Sunday bath time

  1. Daww…I love the derp tongue pic! Speaking of baths…Spot is due for one. Her tail gets all dandruff-y. Maybe I should try some Head and Shoulders on her tail.


  2. I usually put a splash of baby oil into the bathwater, unless the horse is turned out during the day. But I’ve always done that, because it’s always worked well for me, so I have no idea if there’s actually a more “modern” way.


    1. I’ve done that baby oil treatment at shows, but day turnout at home keeps me from doing it then. A shampoo-in coat sunscreen would be nice, though. I wonder if that’s a thing.


  3. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough over here for baths! I let my grey thoroughbred grow a full winter coat this year, and it will not be happening again. He sweats and then of course he rolls and basically right now he’s yellow. And disgusting. Poor dude.


  4. Am i a bad horse mama for rarely bathing my horses as winters are too cold & they live out 24/7 from May to November?
    When I do bathe them it’s with the biggest heaps bottle of human shampoo i found when Kika moved here 4 years ago…me feels bad!
    I guess my horses aren’t pampered after all eep


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