EAH Blog Hop: the Sartorial Hacks

ehbloghoplogoI’m new and just getting the hang of the blog hop thing, but from what I can gather, I missed out on all the Viva Carlos blog hop fun. However, Equestrian at Hart looks to be wearing the blog hop mantle. So I just jump right in? Here goes!

EAH writes: The first topic in question is actually a spin off of L’s final hop. I want to know about what you ride in and why? Show us your Equestrian Fashion choices and tell us why you wear them!

Oh, how I love clothes. And boots. So I’ll start with the boots. I ride in tall boots, although I occasionally still ride in half chaps and paddock boots. My paddock boots aren’t paddock boots, though. They are a 10+-year-old pair of Blundstone 500 boots. They need new insoles & new treads. But they are oh so comfortable. The leather on mine is so bleached out at this point I think it’s fair to say I might need a new pair. My half chaps are Grand Prix with fringe, which I guess they don’t even make anymore?
wpid-20140815_215153.jpgAs for tall boots, DeNiro Ottaviano Aurora Field Boots. All. The. Time. They are very comfortable, took a day to break in, and are a fairly affordable option among a slew of field boot offerings. My tall boots don’t need to stay pristine because I venture only into the jumper ring. Some time ago, I had a harder time finding properly-fitting boots because there simply wasn’t much out there and I got a pair of custom Vogels as a present. Fortunately, stock boots now usually offer a measurement combination that fits me, because custom boots do not fit my wallet. Definitely less painful than a Parlanti purchase.

18847_UnzippedI have a nice collection of breeches going, and the majority are the TS Trophy Hunters. I also have a pair of the SmartPak Piper breeches, but they don’t seem to be very durable and they fit me weird. Perhaps if I sized down, that would solve the fit issue, but again, they are starting to come apart already. My Tredstep pair I like a lot, but the seams on the built-in sock leg chafe a bit. Probably going to stick with the Trophy Hunters in the future.
wpid-20140815_223921.jpgAnd then there were belts! I have so many belts from so many different places …
wpid-20140815_214241.jpgwpid-20140815_214039.jpgThe $900 Facebook pony spurred my Mango Bay belt obsession. I have 3 and will undoubtedly order more! Thankfully, they are priced very affordably.

My skin has seen way too much sun already because I am basically 89 years old and live in Texas and have been out in the sun for over a million billion hours, so I ride in long sleeves even in the summer. People always question my sanity when they see me wearing a long-sleeved shirt when it’s 94 by 10 am, but at that temp, I’m hot regardless and at least with long sleeves I’m avoiding more sun exposure. J Crew tees and woven shirts, as well as sun shirts of various brands (as long as they are a nylon blend and not polyester) make up the bulk of the top/shirt options. Texas only has about 6 days of winter, so mostly this works year-round. If it’s too chilly, I throw a Columbia hooded puffy vest over everything. My favorite winter riding shirt is my Ariat Lowell top, with the Nike Hyperwarm 1/4 zip tops a close second. My Under Armour 1/4 zip cozy top pilled within only 2 washes, so I won’t be getting another one of those. And sometimes I wear a polo, collar totally popped.

wpid-20140815_215605.jpgLove me some Target socks, especially the Hello Kitty ones.
wpid-20140815_214556.jpgI don’t regularly wear gloves, but I use the SSG Lycrochet if I’m longeing, and sometimes a pair of Heritage gloves (that I don’t really like) if I’m schooling over fences, mainly to make me more aware of what my hands are doing.

ssggloves heritage_Brown_Group

But what I really want are a pair of Roeckls in Chamois. Or Camel. I can’t decide. I have a strong aversion to black leather gloves. I don’t even remember why! I just won’t wear them.

I cap it all off with a Charles Owen AYR8. And sunscreen for my face!!!

14 thoughts on “EAH Blog Hop: the Sartorial Hacks

    1. The staining must be why … I vaguely remember that, from when I was, like, 12. I’m seriously going to flip a coin between the chamois and the camel Roeckls because I cannot decide!


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