Levity on a Friday

Ahhh, the Eighties . . .

Circa 1986, private lesson number 2 or 3, I’m guessing, since I obviously didn’t have tall boots yet, but did have my own helmet. The pony’s name? Pinocchio. He had nasty spin move. He solidified my wariness of ponies, which is why I never had one.

I almost want to rock an outfit like this right now. I would definitely wear those jeans again, if I could find a pair in my current size.

QOTD: What the hell is going on with that stirrup leather?

9 thoughts on “Levity on a Friday

  1. didn’t you get screamed at for your reins touching the ground? to this day i cringe when any strap goods hit the dust.
    love the collared chambray sleeveless shirt. would love to find a couple of those these days!


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