FB Pony Blog Hop Tack Swap

How do blog hops actually work? I just post everything here, right? If anyone was eyeing the leather hind boots, I apologize–a new owner has claimed them already! All prices include shipping, are negotiable, and everything open to swapping if you have something I like ๐Ÿ™‚ I can accept payment via Paypal or cash in person. Haven’t cleaned the strap goods up yet, but I will before shipment.

And I just now realized I need to say a major thank you to A on the $900 Facebook pony for getting the blog hop tack sale & swap going! Forgive my lousy blogger etiquette.

Rolled draw reins, snap hooks to girth dee (used once, some wear) $20rolled rolleddetail

Tory Leather (I think) flat draw reins, snap hooks to girth dee, no buckle $20toryleatherdraws toryleathersnaps

Synthetic fleece nylon web girth (used once) $15


Dr. Bristol $10 4 3/4″


Dr. Bristol $10 5″ SOLD


Full cheek double link Happy Mouth w/ keepers (used only a few times) 5″ $20 SOLD


Loose ring Mullen mouth Happy Mouth $20 SOLD


Dover Circuit square raised bridle with Korsteel hunter dee and rubber reins w/rein stops (wear on reins, great schooling bridle, pretty sure it’s cob sized) $50

rubberreinsbrand schoolingbridle bridlebrand

Black web reins, buckle attachment $10


3 pair Tailored Sportsman Royal Hunter regular rise size 28 $20 each or all three for $50 (weenie not for sale)

TSbreeches TStags

3-point breastplate, horse size (repaired once by Corky at Fort Bend Saddlery, still fits large TBs and warmbloods) $20 (detail pic of Corky’s work)

breastplatedetail breastplate

Pessoa figure 8 cob size bridle $60 (Noseband itself may not be Pessoa, but made in England & the next noseband is the one original to the bridle, I think. Both from Harry Dabbs era of Pessoa bridles) SOLD

pessoa figure 8 made in englandpessoafigure8

Padded raised & fancy-stitched noseband (cob, I think–went with Pessoa bridle) $20 SOLD


I also have a pair of Effingham dress boots and a pair of custom Vogels that I’d be willing to sell only, no trade. Both ladies’ size 8 & I can give additional measurements to anyone interested.

18 thoughts on “FB Pony Blog Hop Tack Swap

    1. Let me know if you want more pics. It is all one piece made of three pieces, sewn together. 102″, but not sure since my tape measure didn’t go that high. And seriously, there’s no buckle. Kinda weird.


        1. Hmmmm …. I am mostly interested in equifits. Front or hind. And I am always interested in Herm Sprenger bits other than bradoons. I need to not spend money, too, though! Lol oh well


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