Inspired by a tack swap

A friend of mine who blogs regularly about her horse and all things equine is coordinating, via her blog, a tack swap. The format may possibly be a blog hop. So it would be a blog hop tack swap, which I really enjoy saying. But there was a slight snag …

I didn’t have a blog. My friend solved this problem immediately by allowing me to piggyback all my tack I’d like to sell or trade on her blog. Excellent solution! But then I wondered, why don’t I have a blog. So now I have one. Mainly for a tack swap, but I have great aspirations about keeping up with it, writing about my horse, my dog, and whatever I’m currently obsessing over, and any other life ephemera I feel is  worthy of a little note, a quirky picture, or a shaky video. Ephemera like beer, wildlife sightings, eccentric friends, and books.

The next few posts will be more about me, my dog, my horse, and lots of pictures of tack I want to sell or trade, or possibly even give to a good home for free.

And now for a glass of wine. Cheers to tack swaps!

9 thoughts on “Inspired by a tack swap

  1. My life isn’t nearly photogenic or interesting enough to have a blog, but I’m glad everyone else has one now, so I can read them. Add horsey pictures please, that’s like 50% of the reason I use the internet on any given day.


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