About six weeks after placing an order for a Charles Owen SP8, it arrived yesterday! I ordered from the UK because 1) COs are a lot less expensive there, even with the shipping included and 2) SPARKLY. I hadn't found the sparkly ones at any of the domestic and Canadian tack shops I browse online … Continue reading Chapeau

Sunny Skies

We actually had a few days of intermittent sunshine around here, although it has since started raining again. During one of those days, Eli and I schooled over fences. He still has some embellishments in between the fences, but he is gradually getting easier to get back under control. He is also gaining back some … Continue reading Sunny Skies

Tailored Sportsman IceFil Zip Top Review

Somehow, I have yet to review a sun shirt on the pages of this blog. I wear them frequently because I live in Texas. I have gravitated toward both EIS and Kastel, and think they are both excellent options. And then I bought a Tailored Sportsman sun shirt. (I know some people have serious reservations … Continue reading Tailored Sportsman IceFil Zip Top Review