If the Shoe Fits

I think I mentioned earlier that I had been stalking some things on eBay for some time. When I finally messaged the seller, she offered a great deal if I purchased both things. I felt morally obligated to purchase both things at the price she quoted to me (practically a 2-for-1 deal!).

I only had one operative pair of tall boots and needed a schooling pair to keep the black EGO7s in shape for shows. For day-to-day riding, I needed something else. So now I have two pair of DeNiros that were exactly my size, new in box, and the chocolate brown is gorgeous.

Three pairs of tall boots, two pairs of which I hope to keep in good shape for at least a few years — what a luxury! I got the chocolate brown DeNiros broken in, which took all of two rides, and now have moved on to using the “Cotto brown” pair for schooling.

“Cotto brown” is apparently Italian for “orange.”

I applied many coats of Hydrophane to the orange boots, and that did mellow the color somewhat. Now time will tell how well they wear and how the color will change with sweat, water, dust, glycerin soap, Belvoir, and frequent — almost daily — use. I will probably periodically wipe more Hydrophane on them, too. If that stuff can make Edgewood orange go away, I have a feeling these boots will get a few shades darker eventually. The fit is perfect and they are solely for schooling, so I am not too concerned with the color, although they will probably look pretty gross against the coat of a blood bay. Eli gets more mahogany during winter, so maybe that will look better?

Hoof Potions

So. What’s your poison? When you have so many options to choose from to alleviate any number of hoof conditions and maladies, how do you decide which to use for what?

When nobody has any heel bruises, I like to use Absorbine’s Hooflex. And that alone pretty much takes care of the healthy hoof.

However, recently I have gone through a litany of goops for Eli’s right front (which he does not like for me to pick up and mess with at his point … can’t imagine why). Based on initial conclusions of an abscess, I packed for days with Epsom salt paste. It’s toxic radioactive sludge green and has the consistency of phlegm. Once it was clear the bruise had decided to surface rather than abscess, I switched to packing with Magic Cushion. That only lasted a day …. the Magic Cushion seemed to make Eli’s heel … angry … I switched to Forshner’s for a few days (which is still my favorite for run-of-the-mill hoof packing). I also started applying Corona daily to his heel bulbs and coronary band on the RF.

At this point, my trainer suggested checking with the vet for something to “toughen” Eli’s heel and sole, which brings me to Sole Paint for 3 days and today will be day 3 of Durasole.

I switched because a) Sole Paint makes me paranoid and b) Durasole is cheaper. Either product must be handled with care and cannot be used on skin — they both contain formaldehyde. Just to clarify, I am not paranoid about Sole Paint because of it’s composition, I just think it hardens the sole REALLY fast, almost too much. So I didn’t want to use it for long. It’s magical, though, for sure. I won’t be using the Durasole daily for very much longer because I don’t think it will be necessary, but it seems like a handy thing to have on hand in case we have a typical Texas crappy, wet winter.


The view we all know and love, from a perspective not everyone can enjoy — the “between the ears” shot that horse people everywhere take and share.

red skies at night

neon moon

Add to this that lately the sunsets have burned incandescent, diaphanous streaks of pink, purple, and orange across the evening’s twilight.

Walking with Eli, I see all this. What else is there that could produce such simple, awestruck joy?

If you can ride at sunset, ride at sunset.

Fall Looks

I really have just a few ideas to augment my fall equestrian wardrobe. Surely by now, these will be no surprise to anyone that I covet them.

I have been very happy with the one pair of Romfh Gabriella breeches that I have in White Sand. With Romfh’s fall colors hitting tack shops right now, I like seeing a broader palette for the Gabriella silhouette. I am torn between Coffee and Deep Sage. Deep Sage triggers a little nostalgia for me because it looks a bit like the green beige Tailored Sportsmans from horse showing in the 90s. Plus I’m certain that shade is gonna camouflage dirt.

Layering is a necessity in Texas in the fall. Because it might be in the 40s or 50s in the morning, and mid-to-high-80s by the afternoon. I shop for base layers regularly that can still be worn alone, mainly because I only have a few shirts that fit this bill and I wear them out! I think the Asmar Vale Top is a great addition for their fall line. And it comes in a dark grey, one of my favorite colors for fall and winter.

My default footwear for the barn is tall boots for riding, and muck boots, tennis shoes, or boat shoes for non-riding activities. In the back of my mind, I think paddock boots might be a safer option for my toes than the boat shoes. I occasionally window shop for paddock boots, but haven’t owned a pair in ages. One of my friends has a pair of Tonics and I love the look. Does anybody else have experience with this brand?




Horse Show Weekend

Although Eli is taking a little vacation, I am still filling my calendar with horsey things to do, especially on the weekends. While we had initially planned to show this weekend, things change because horses and I wound up working at the horse show instead.

post-show relaxation in the shade

I may have been disappointed about not being able to show Eli, but the day was far from disappointing. I got to spend ALL DAY watching ponies do their thing and got to cheer on some barn mates in their divisions. These local shows are a good way to catch up with friends, too. I couldn’t ask for an easier job than that! Sunday was ponies all day again, and sharing my passion with horses and friends. And ANOTHER very interesting thing happened on Sunday morning …

Don’t get too excited. We just walked. But I figure if he looks okay playing in turnout, he can walk under saddle. Perhaps my caution is overzealous. However, there are things in the back of my mind regarding Eli’s RF that drive me to take getting him back into work very, very slowly. There is absolutely no point in rushing and every reason to get his heel and sole in good shape before doing much. But in this weather, even just walking around is so damn pleasant. Plus I have to break in some stuff …

A few deals are too good to pass up, especially when you have confidence in the durability of the brand already. And they are in your size. Like, exact size. And the seller cut a crazy deal for both if purchased together.

Now I am just waiting on Hydrophane and Durasole to get everybody’s feet all perfect and stuff.

Weenie Wednesday: First Taste of Fall

First, apologies for posting a day late! Work got a little cuckoo bananas, but now I have a 5 day weekend. While I haven’t had a pumpkin spice latte yet (and NEVER will), the temperatures these past few mornings have been exquisitely chilly. Not so chilly that we have to bundle up yet, but a nice change from walking out the front door into a sauna at 8am.

The leaves are turning and the acorns and pecans are all over the ground. Although … that could just be from the gross summer weather. I expect to be greeted by a very frisky pony later this morning!